Monday, October 29, 2012

Oliver + S Sandbox pants | Camo Style

I've been waiting to use this pattern for some time.  It's a downloadable version of this now, vintage, pattern of Oliver + S.

The top is one I made from stash from an outlet store on 22nd Street and Ave W some 20 years ago!  It was a perfect match to the trousers.  It's KS3234 - very soft fabric that could also be used for ribbing.
                          Front                                                            Back
Used twill tape instead of self done tie.  It's attached to elastic in the waistband.
Of course a 'little special something' tag at the back.
Cute back pockets, leaving off the buttons.

The fabric is left-over scraps from my mum making one of my 'little' brothers pants (some 30 years ago).  I didn't have quite enough to but length-wise so I cut them width-wise.  A little nontraditional, but better that, than no pants at all!  You can kid of tell the camouflage print is a bit different (running up and down, not across).
Oliver + S Sandbox Pants pattern.  So cute - they have like paper dolls you can dress up.



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  1. So cute, i am gonna get these camo pants for my nephew, he will also look nice in them.