Monday, May 14, 2012

The final set of napkins

I've been putting it off finishing the last set of napkins but I finally got them done.  They were cut out and waiting for me...I just needed to serge the edges.  Well after finishing my beginners triathlon yesterday, I didn't feel like doing too much so I finished these.  My girlfriend will be getting these next time she's in town.  Enjoy! 

The paisley fabric is new from Fabricland and the backing was gifted to me by my mother's box-of-quilting-fabric.  I like mixing old and new!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthday Gift | Abby - Skirt & Bag

This week we had a last minute invitation to a birthday party on Saturday -- 3 days notice. Sounds like me when life creeps up on you!  While we have been having non-gift parties (we take food-bank donations in lieu of gifts and gift-bags), we do realize that others do expect a gift.  So I started to think, what can we give that's not a disposable plastic toy...

That's when it hit me!  Why don't I use some of the quilting fabric I was given to make a fun little skirt and say a matching bag.  We also threw in a small knitting-in-the-round toy.  Thought that and yarn could 'live' in the bag after the present had been given.

The Skirt - Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt | Free downloadable pattern

Used up a fat quarter for the bottom trim (pieced diagonally to reduce bulk) and the full piece of fabric was used for the skirt.  Of course we had to personalize Imogen helped me make the labels with the birthday girl's name.  She helped cut the tags apart and showed me where to place them in the skirt and on the bag.


The Bag - Beads of Courage Bags | Free downloadable pattern

I've been working with a local charity Cloth for Kids who make clothes and items for needy children here. An item I saw last week -- they we're sewing up a storm of them -- were Beads of Courage Bags for our hospital RUH. I loved the bags they did, so I made one too...but for the birthday.

And to give you an idea of how large the bag is, here's Imogen off to the party!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Knit Top with Front Drape | Trudy Jansen 718

I like this pattern as it's flattering for my full bust.  It has princess seams, allowing for an even better fit.  That's what the designer, Trudy Jansen, has on the majority of her patterns.  Makes it super easy to adjust the bust.  The drape is gathered into one side within the princess seam.  As you can see from the pattern, I decided to gather into the right side, whereas the pattern is gathered into the left side.  That's making a pattern your own!

In addition to my full-bust-adjustment, I scooped out the neckline to allow it to drape a bit nicer across the bust.  I did sew down the front where it crosses to ensure the neckline doesn't go lower to show my bra...classy!

This is a light weight rayon-jersey from our local fine shop, Unique Textiles.  


Martini Dress | Lisette Passort Dress S2209

I love, love, love this dress.  I do plan on having Martinis (with olives) while wearing it.  Sadly only wine last night.  Wore this to a fundraising dinner in Saskatoon - The Silver Spoon - and even wore the Stella & Dot necklace I scored from last year's silent auction. 

The bodice has unique bust darts that criss-crosses up from the waist to the bust line.  I did up 3 muslins in order to get the top to fit right (my gorgeous full bust) and it looks great!  I used self-fabric bias to finish/face the neck and armholes. 

The designer of this pattern does the kid's patterns I love--Oliver + S.  I really enjoy the details she puts in like the bust darts.  Such simple designs, with a twist.  Brilliant!

The fabric, a quilting cotton, was a birthday gift while in Calgary at a store called Out of Hand -- bit like Aladdin's Cave with bolts stacked everywhere.  It screamed take me home and is a perfect match for this design. 

I feel Mad Men like...Peggy eat your heart out!  I will definitely be making this dress again, again and again... 



Favorite top pattern NL6871

Oh I love this pattern! It's nice and fitted across the upper chest and back but then floats over the bust (and my baby-belly). I either belt it or use a self-fabric belt to define the waist...otherwise I may pass for being 4-months along!

Version 1 - 3/4 sleeves
This one I made on boxing day and have worn almost weekly since.  Fabric is drapey polyester from my stash--from Fabricland.  That's the key to this top--nothing too stiff. 

Version 2 - sleeveless
This is again, worn weekly with a cardi or jacket.  Now that it's warming up, I've worn a few times on its own.  Fabric is drapey crepe polyester from my stash--from Fabricland (again).