Monday, September 1, 2014

Running Group | Prezzies

JoeAnne, Coreen, Jill. Tammy & Heather - the Tude Running Team.

Zip Bags & Tissue Holders (2013)

A while back I made up a plethora of zip bags and tissue holders using up bits and pieces in my stash.  That way I had some ready to go for birthday parties and so on.  So fun and quick to make.


Fabric: Mostly from the fabric my mum gave to me.  Fish fabric is my daughter's crib skirt remade into something else.  All zips from Unique Textiles in Saskatoon.

Pattern: Based on Noodlehead bags.Click here to view.

Christmas PJs | The Nunns (2013)


Fabric: Flannelette from Unique Textiles
Pattern: Kwick Sew 3234


Fabric: Flannelette from Unique Textiles
Pattern: Kwick Sew 3234


Fabric: Flannelette from Unique Textiles
Pattern: Old McCalls pattern - don't recall number


A & I: Many trousers from Shekinah (2012)

Fabric: Several meters of jogging fleece given to me by mum.  Leftovers from when she sewed for my brothers.

Trims: Periwinkle Quilting to make the pants a bit more interesting!

Pattern: Oliver + S Nature walk pullover + knit pants

A: PJs from Shekinah (2012)

Never posted before - well loved PJs.  Made at Shekinah in 2012. 

Fabric: My mum gave this to me from her stash, but it's from Fabricland as she bought it for my brother when he was little.  It's a wonderful fleece. 
Pattern: Top - Kwik Sew 3234

UK Christmas Gifts | Cousins (2012)

I know this is two years past...but I have yet to post when I made these at Shekinah (didn't want to leek the surprise).  Made several sets - one for each of the 4 girls.

Love these buttons - see through and look like candies!  From my button stash purchased at Army & Navy when they closed many moons ago.

Fabric: Century Textiles 150 cm wide flannelette (something you don't see often)

Pattern: Top above is Oliver + S while, bottoms are Kwick Sew 3042 and ruffled top is Simplicity 4767

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sew Over It, London UK | Shop & Trouser Class (2013)

This is another store I wished I owned.  Tie between this place and Ray Stitch.  This is in south London - Clapham.  An area I don't know as well as North London but super quaint none the less!

You walk through the front door and you are greeted by manequines featuring garments made from store fabric and the owner's patterns.  All are offered in classes.  There is a hint of retro in all things.

At the back of the main floor, is one of two sewing areas (other in basement).

Here is my teacher, Freia Groves, for the Ultimate Trousers class.
Beautiful light coming in, even on a cloudy (British) day.

So here is me finishing my trousers - made with stretch denim from Unique Textiles.

Being that I have sewed a bit before, I was the first to finish.  So I decided to make a skirt too -- grabbed the last piece of this rayon print for a circle skirt, using their pattern.

All done -- what a wonderful experience.  I would go back in a heart beat next time in UK.

The store owner, who I didn't get to meet, has her own line of patterns (from her classes) and a book too, which I own!