Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sew Over It, London UK | Shop & Trouser Class (2013)

This is another store I wished I owned.  Tie between this place and Ray Stitch.  This is in south London - Clapham.  An area I don't know as well as North London but super quaint none the less!

You walk through the front door and you are greeted by manequines featuring garments made from store fabric and the owner's patterns.  All are offered in classes.  There is a hint of retro in all things.

At the back of the main floor, is one of two sewing areas (other in basement).

Here is my teacher, Freia Groves, for the Ultimate Trousers class.
Beautiful light coming in, even on a cloudy (British) day.

So here is me finishing my trousers - made with stretch denim from Unique Textiles.

Being that I have sewed a bit before, I was the first to finish.  So I decided to make a skirt too -- grabbed the last piece of this rayon print for a circle skirt, using their pattern.

All done -- what a wonderful experience.  I would go back in a heart beat next time in UK.

The store owner, who I didn't get to meet, has her own line of patterns (from her classes) and a book too, which I own!

Loop, London UK | Amazing Yarn Shop (2013)

I disovered Loop on my way to Raystitch -- very close to Angel station -- is a sweet shop and only one of a few knitting stores.

(I didn't take the shop-front widow.  Wish I had. Credit.)

 It is full of yarns from all over the world.  It spans over two stories -- don't let the small store-width fool you -- there is lots to see.

Cute samples made up.

I did buy a knitting pattern and book -- both from the shop owners!  Did I mention one of them is original from Canada?

Ray Stitch, London UK | Amazing Shop (2013)

Only a short walk from Angel Tube Station, and it's the kind of shop I dreamed of owning.  It sells fabric, patterns and is a coffee shop-cafe.

Once inside, my heart sang...

Amazing samples made up showcasing how 'quiet' fabric can be phenomenal. 

On the other side is floor to ceiling fabric!  Fabric from Japan to the US.

Did you catch the trim area in the back -- oh I picked up a few!

Here is me after my purchase - ordered a coffee.


Ended up buying lots of trims, remnants and a few special pieces -- it was overwhelming as there was a basement too.  It housed Liberty prints -- not just cotton but silks too.  Oh wow.  I will be back! My two bags full...

Oh and I so miss Angel station -- it has one of the longest escalators.  Two runs in fact.

The Village Haberdashery, London UK | Class & Eve's Gift (2013)

The Village Haberdashery is a sweet, quaint shop a short 15 minute walk from West Hampsted tube stop.  Just look at the shop window - how sweet.

Inside is just as wonderful with quilting cottons, voile, canvas and even some knits to choose from.  You can see my classmates browsing here, along with the teacher Rachel Pinheiro -- I follow her blog House of Pinheiro.  She's a wonderfully passionate, youthful, seamstress originally from Brazil. 

So I found out about the class through Rachel's blog.  It was a perfect idea -- make a blouse for my long-time friend Eve for her birthday coming up.  The class was for the Deer & Doe Airelle Blouse, a French independent pattern maker.

Then we selected the fabric from a store I hope to visit someday soon -- Guthrie & Ghani -- celebrity Lauren Guthrie of The Great British Sew Bee (a show I loved).  All online of course!  It was a lightweight cotton - almost voile.

Back at Village Haberdashery, we headed downstairs to the sewing room.  It was properly British tiny and what you see in this photo is it!  But it was totally functional with tea kettle and biscuts!

Back upstairs, Rachel kindly took a photo of the finish product -- and I couldn't be happier.  Eve loved it too.  I'm so looking forward to making one of these myself.

I & A: Cool Cardigan | Blank Slate Bath UK & Edmonton AB (2013)


I love this little tiny store in Bath, UK.  It's the size of my living room but just packed with cute buttons, fabric and finishing items.

Fabric: The hot pink minky fabric in my stash from Fabricland with the intentions of making a baby blanket for Imogen...6 years ago.  So I picked up a purple fat quarter for the contrasting trim from Periwinkle Quilting.  And the cute buttons are courtesy of my mum.


Fabric: Minky fabric from Periwinkle Quilting.   The orange was a fat quarter.  There wasn't enough to get a pocket/fake welt.

Notions:  The buttons - police man buttons as I call them - are from my stash from when Army & Navy closed downtown a million years ago when they had shopping bags of buttons for $1.  I knew I'd use them...just not when I'd use them.  (Yes my stash goes back 25 years.)

Pattern:Cool Cardigan by Blank Slate Patterns (online PDF pattern).  Super easy and quick to make - bonus!

UK Christmas Gifts | Bath Friends (2013)


Fabric: Flannelette from Unique Textiles
Pattern: Kwick Sew  3402


Fabric: Flannelette from Unique Textiles
Pattern: Kwick Sew  3402