Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alistair's Cape

We have done so many capes for boy's birthday parties, that it was about time Alistair received for Christmas he unwrapped this one.  Back when I was making a few at a time, he said he really liked this I set it aside for him.

Sadly Alistair wasn't as happy about getting this gift...guess he just wasn't in a super hero mood!  He has worn it since with pride. 

The shiny fabric is from my Fabricland stash, the moon cotton fabric is from my mum's quilting stash she gave me.

Capes fly over the sea | Thomas

Over the sea she goes...the cape that is...just in time for Christmas to Thomas, the youngest son of my friend Michelle who was my flatmate in London some 15 years ago.

This one has super shiny fabric on the inside (it's reversible so really doesn't matter).

And a wizard-like stormy cotton fabric on the other side.

Of course I did a matching bag with Thomas' name on it.  A superhero has 'stuff' you know.  Next best thing to a purse!

The shiny fabric is from Fabricland stash and the cotton is courtesy of my mum's quilting stash she gave me. 

Christmas Gifts | Tissue Holders

The kids wanted to give their teacher something for Christmas so I thought of a fun idea -- tissue holders. Everyone needs one.

These two Imogen and Alistair selected for each other!
Both Imogen and Alistair selected the fabric for their teachers from the scrap basket.

Instead of putting the teacher's name on the front, I got each kid to write their name on the tag, then stitched to the bottom. A fun and very practical gift!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Birthday Gift | Cousin Grayson

Cousin Grayson's birthday is just after Christmas so I always wonder what to get him...that is a bit different than the toys and such he received at Christmas.

So I thought of my go-to-boy gift -- a cape and book. 

The book is from Barefoot Books from my friend Jennifer. This one is really cool, a few stories talking about Monsters around the world. 

I personalized the cape with a big-G for Grayson. 

Had fun stitching around the edge then fraying it to give it a cool-effect.

Birthday Gift | Isabelle

We had another wonderful birthday party for Imogene to attend. This was a "princess party" so we had fun picking put the fabric for the skirt.

The book is another Barefoot Book from my friend Jennifer.  I thought this one was fitting for the party theme!

I challenged myself to take a traditional flower print, and make it more modern.  I think I hit the mark with this ribbon.  It was what I had left from another project.  It matches perfectly.

I used my ruffler attachment on my sewing machine to gather the hem fabric.  Then stitched on the ribbon with pink thread.

Of course I had a personalized label (ends turned under to prevent fraying).