Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween | KS2704

So I asked the kids what they wanted to be this year, and neither really knew.  So I went downstairs to see what I had on hand to make into a Halloween costume. 

I had some interesting (like what was I thinking when I bought it), shiny velour leopard print polyester knit...perrrfect for a cat costume.  I used scrap of the black jogging fleece (Alistair's costume) for the tummy, just reversing so it was fuzzy. 
Then Alistair said "I want to be dead" so I interpreted as a skeleton.  I 'stole' the idea of sticking on the bones from my friend Jill.  I used black jogging fleece for the main body.
So both are PJ pattern with a hood.  I added ears and tail for the cat.  Then for the skeleton, I got some help from Simon in cutting out bones in white felt.  Then used fusible web to attach. cute and scary!

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