Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Self Drafted Jeans

Well here it goes, my goal of documenting my sewing life. In the last few months, I've been writing down what I've sewn, but it doesn't do the garments justice. So I'm going to blog. I really don't care if anyone reads this - it's for me to look back and be proud of my accomplishments while balancing work, small children, and well life!

Self Drafted Jeans

So back at the beginning of this year I took a class from Trudy Jansen (www.trudyjansendesign.com) where I used self-drafted trousers to make a pair of jeans. it's taken a few months to complete...but they are done. I've worn them a few times and the only thing I'd change is to drop the waist band about 1/2" - and take in the side seams a bit to reduce amount under butt. Not bad for the first pair!

Cupcakes galore - I used cupcake fabric to line the pockets and waistband. Hopefully that will prevent me from eating them!

Topstiching - used topstitching thread versus a triple stitch with regular thread as my machine doesn't do a longer length in that stitch (only 2.5 and I'd want about 3-3.5 for topstiching)

No belt required - I cut the waitband on the bias and this really helps nip it in at the centre back - no gapping!

Trudy Jansen Top (720)

The top I'm wearing is an easy -- as in an hour -- top to make. It's a light sweater knit that I got locally at Unique Textiles.