Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bedroom Curtains - Olivia

I made these curtains for a friend, who has fabulous taste.  She picked out this cream fabric that has a slight sheen and a horizontal rib/slub going thru it.  Stunning. 
I LOVE the glass hardware at the end of these rods. The wall paper doesn't hurt either. So elegant, just love how it all goes together so effortlessly.
The challenge is it was floor to ceiling (almost) curtains - that's a lot of fabric.  I might add the fabric is quite heavy when you add in the blackout lining.

I believe the beauty of these drapes is the hidden tabs.  No grommets or tab-tops.  Just simple, elegant folds.  All accomplished by placing the tabs on the back side.  AKA copying curtains from Pier One!
So to give a better idea of the size of the curtains, here is one side being fitted properly for the top hidden tabs. 

See how they still look fab when drawn.
Fabric and rod are from Fabricland.

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