Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Summer Bow Top | Sil 500

So now that I had a great summer skirt, I needed a top to match.  So I headed downtown to Unique Textiles and found a great quilting cotton that was fun.  
I only put in bust darts, no waist darts on front-back, as I knew I was going to wear with a belt.  Otherwise, this stiff fabric (quilting cotton) would look like a sack.

I wanted it to be simple to showcase the fabric yet fun...so I added the neck bow.
I copied this from a pattern that I made years ago - from memory. It was a V-notch in the neck where ties were sandwiched between the facing and fabric.
You can see the notch here from the inside.
You can see here the bow is a separate piece.  All edge-stiched.
I don't care for the full-armhole-facings.  They always don't match exactly and pull.  So I did a little facing in the armhole, then a bias self-fabric facing.

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