Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silk Gift - Thanks Michelle L | S2258

My dear friend in England, Michelle, gave me a piece of silk a few years back.  It was kind of a sage green.  Not a colour I typically wear.  But it was so pretty...looks like silk dupioni, but had the drape of raw silk.  Don't know what to make quite yet.  In the storage stack it went.

Now comes 2012 and I've lost a size and none of my summer skirts fit.  Need some cute skirts to take on our summer holidays.  Out comes the sage green silk.  I stared at it for a while...and then it was so obvious -- I could make myself the same skirt I made Sherrie!  Ta Da...

I made it look a bit more casual by doing double top stitching on the hem and pockets.  While I have a tie belt for it, I haven't actually used it. 

It matches some quilting fabric I picked up this summer at Unique Textiles here in Saskatoon that needed to be a cute top to match...see my next blog about the bow top.


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