Monday, October 15, 2012

Capes for Cousins

We had a request from our cousins Anna and Clarissa for some capes.  So I emailed a photo of the fabric available and they selected which ones they wanted.    They also gave clear instructions as to what was to be on the back. 

Wanted shiny silver fabric with a star with the letter A in red

Velcro closure so the kids can easily do it themselves.
Totally reversible with 'storm' fabric on inside -- picked out by Alistair.


Teal blue with a dog on the back (from Cat Kid Sew-It book).

Closer up of the dog.
Using the Velcro closure again.  So easy!

Reversible to a cool purple colour.


Two extra capes - Philippa and Daniella (or friends)

I wanted to send over a few more capes for the older sisters or friends to play with. 

The shiny teal is super wide, thus the full-circle capes. It was sold as slip fabric at Fanny's Fabrics, when I worked there in Uni. 

I used scrapes the finish the neck edge and fasten hoop-and-loop tape so the kids can easily take it on and off.  I found a tie is pointless -- the kids don't know how to tie!  And it can get caught on stuff while playing.

Even used my pinking shears to do the edges - it's a knit after all, so it doesn't fray but needed something to finish it off.

All the fabric is from stash.  All sew with love and anticipation of the fun to be had wearing them.






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