Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday Gift | Lauren

Another birthday means another opportunity to be creative and use up some more fabric in my stash - yippee! 
So Imogen's friend Lauren likes blue - that's what her mum said - and I was excited as I knew just the right fabric.  I was also excited as it meant I could use some of the trim I got this year at Fabricland.  They had these rolls of gross-grain ribbon on buy one get two free, or something like that, in just the colours I would use.
So I used my ruffler attachment on my sewing machine to add a ruffle at the bottom. Too cute! Then used the gross-grain ribbon to cover the seam and add that special touch.
Of course I personalized the gift. I've started turning under the ends of the tags, as I've noticed they fray quite a bit after several washings.
We always add a book. This is one from the Barefoot Books company my friend sells. Oh they are such wonderful books. I can't resist.
So the fabric is about 5 years old, purchased from Fabricland to use as a fabric sling for Imogen as a baby...but it didn't really work out.  Found another fabric, with a bit of stretch, that was better suited.  So this one went into my stash.
I was told that Lauren loved the skirt so much, she wore it to bed!  That's the best feedback a sewer can receive...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sewing Weekend | Shekinah Lodge

This past weekend I did something new - a sewing retreat at a secluded lodge called Shekinah.  It's put on by the local quilt store, Periwinkle.  I met a woman in my knitting class who said she's gone the last three years and really enjoyed it.  So I put my name down not expecting to get a call, but I did!

Here is my table at the retreat at the start.  I spent the week before cutting out as much as I could. Around 40 items.  I tried cutting out subsequent sizes to use up the piece of fabric. It's a guarantee the kids will grow! 


You can see a bit in the background how large the room is with its huge vaulted ceiling.  There were about 45 women sewing in the one room -- and we ate at the one end too.  Stunning views...so relaxing.

Each of us got a table to sew at.  I ended up with 5 wonderful women surrounding me.  The tables are just empty in the photo as I was the first to set up.
  • Michelle from North Battleford with a 3 year old daughter
  • Kari from Saskatoon with a 5 month old baby
  • Shirley the nurse with two teenagers
  • Sherry the nurse with two grown kids
  • Michelle with a 4 year old son and 3 grown kids

So after sewing Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning; I ended up with 25 garments!  - Posts to follow on the items.

So here is a recap of what was sewn:
  • PJ pants - XS adult (cousin gift)
  • PJ top & pant - size 13 (cousin gift)
  • PJ top & pant - size 7 (cousin gift)
  • PJ top & pant - size 6 (cousin gift)
  • Grey pants - size 4 & 5 (Alistair)
  • Navey pants - size 4, 5 & 6 (Alistair)
  • Blue corduroy pants with car print - size 4 & 5 (Alistair)
  • PJ top, 2 PJ bottoms & shorts in a Jungle print - size 4 (Alistair)
  • Navey corduroy pants with purple print - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Purple pants - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Dusty pink jean pants - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Dusty pink skirt- size 6 (Imogen)
  • Pink bird top - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Flower pink top - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Contrast blue and grey-flower top - size 6 (Imogen)


 And yes I signed up to go again!  All I did was sew, meet people, laugh and have fun.  The food was cooked for us, dishes were done for us, no kids, no cleaning and no cell service!

Here are some photos from another woman at the weekend sewing event.

You can see we sewed into the wee hours of the night -- and take a look at the vaulted ceilings!



Green Dressing Gown | NL6929

I've been meaning to make a new silky dressing gown for some time now, but like many things in life, I just never got around to it.
Well I finally did it.  I was making one for a birthday gift, and re-fell in love with the beauty of this pattern. 
It's not a boxy shapeless robe, but rather one with fitted shoulder, two-piece sleeve that flares at the end.  Stunning but simple.
I selected a polyester jacquard from my stash originally from Fabricland.  Guessing it's around 15 years old, so it's about time to use it up.
I also used one of my pre-done labels, Adare, which is my middle name.  Thanks mum for being an avid reader and finding such a unique, cool name.  Perfect for putting into my clothes!!
And here is the now out-of-print pattern.  You can see I shortened the robe to knee length as I didn't want one to the floor.  That's just not practical in my life.  Perhaps when kids are all grown and out of the house!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday Gift | Olivia Dressing Gown NL6929

This was a fun project on so many levels.  First, I wanted to do something a bit special for this friend, as she has literally allowed me to function like a human again with my body.  That's a gift that I appreciate every day.
Secondly, I was also eager to use this pattern.  Thirdly, I love this fabric.  Originally it was going to be a dress but I think this pattern showcases it's unique features.  It's quite a stunning polyester jacquard with a print on top and variegated colouring vertically.
I cut the pattern carefully to 'line up' the variegation in the fabric so the light is on the sides.  Also matched the two-piece sleeve so the colours would be darker when looking at the front, and light at the side/back.
I put in my own name into the robe as this isn't a casual fun kids project.  Thought this was more appropriate.  Oh and added the hanging hook loop too.  Cause that's just how a robe gets hung up!
And here is the pattern used.  I shortened both the overall length, making it knee-length, and the sleeve length to suite the new owner of the robe.

Birthday Gift | Kate - Tissue Anyone?

When we were in the UK this summer visiting my nieces (four girls), one of them had a cute little fabric tissue holder.  I thought, how sweet...and what a great practical thing to have.  And it's small enough to use up those quilting cotton scraps (bonus).
So when Imogen received a birthday invitation requesting no gifts, I thought this would be a little special something.  We put it into the card even.
Of course, I had to personalize it in my regular way.  However, I folded the ends under and I found sometimes the pinking of the ends can just look messy after several washings.
I used the pre-packaged packets of tissues, just for convenience.  But when they run out, you can just fold the tissue in there.  I took the plastic packet cover off, so in hindsight, I really didn't need to purchase the pre-packaged packets after all!  Remembering life is a journey, not a destination.
I made my own pattern, cutting a piece of cloth 6" x 15".  Then folded in half right sides together, matching the short raw edges, stitching in 1/4" seam.  Then pressed, turned right side out.  Overlapped the short edges about 1/4", then stitched the raw edges, thus forming the pocket. 
Here are a couple of photos of the one I saw in the UK.

The fabric I used is left over from Imogen's bedroom cushions, and was purchased at our local Prairie Chicks in Hague!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Oliver + S Sandbox pants | Camo Style

I've been waiting to use this pattern for some time.  It's a downloadable version of this now, vintage, pattern of Oliver + S.

The top is one I made from stash from an outlet store on 22nd Street and Ave W some 20 years ago!  It was a perfect match to the trousers.  It's KS3234 - very soft fabric that could also be used for ribbing.
                          Front                                                            Back
Used twill tape instead of self done tie.  It's attached to elastic in the waistband.
Of course a 'little special something' tag at the back.
Cute back pockets, leaving off the buttons.

The fabric is left-over scraps from my mum making one of my 'little' brothers pants (some 30 years ago).  I didn't have quite enough to but length-wise so I cut them width-wise.  A little nontraditional, but better that, than no pants at all!  You can kid of tell the camouflage print is a bit different (running up and down, not across).
Oliver + S Sandbox Pants pattern.  So cute - they have like paper dolls you can dress up.