Monday, September 1, 2014

Running Group | Prezzies

JoeAnne, Coreen, Jill. Tammy & Heather - the Tude Running Team.

Zip Bags & Tissue Holders (2013)

A while back I made up a plethora of zip bags and tissue holders using up bits and pieces in my stash.  That way I had some ready to go for birthday parties and so on.  So fun and quick to make.


Fabric: Mostly from the fabric my mum gave to me.  Fish fabric is my daughter's crib skirt remade into something else.  All zips from Unique Textiles in Saskatoon.

Pattern: Based on Noodlehead bags.Click here to view.

Christmas PJs | The Nunns (2013)


Fabric: Flannelette from Unique Textiles
Pattern: Kwick Sew 3234


Fabric: Flannelette from Unique Textiles
Pattern: Kwick Sew 3234


Fabric: Flannelette from Unique Textiles
Pattern: Old McCalls pattern - don't recall number


A & I: Many trousers from Shekinah (2012)

Fabric: Several meters of jogging fleece given to me by mum.  Leftovers from when she sewed for my brothers.

Trims: Periwinkle Quilting to make the pants a bit more interesting!

Pattern: Oliver + S Nature walk pullover + knit pants

A: PJs from Shekinah (2012)

Never posted before - well loved PJs.  Made at Shekinah in 2012. 

Fabric: My mum gave this to me from her stash, but it's from Fabricland as she bought it for my brother when he was little.  It's a wonderful fleece. 
Pattern: Top - Kwik Sew 3234

UK Christmas Gifts | Cousins (2012)

I know this is two years past...but I have yet to post when I made these at Shekinah (didn't want to leek the surprise).  Made several sets - one for each of the 4 girls.

Love these buttons - see through and look like candies!  From my button stash purchased at Army & Navy when they closed many moons ago.

Fabric: Century Textiles 150 cm wide flannelette (something you don't see often)

Pattern: Top above is Oliver + S while, bottoms are Kwick Sew 3042 and ruffled top is Simplicity 4767