Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthday Gift - Ben | Flying Cape

Another birthday, another gift.  I got such positive feedback from Josh about his cape, that I made another. 
Instead of pairing it with a book...we gave a set of sick-on mustaches!  They are so in right now, and being close to Halloween, I just thought it was fitting!  Thanks to Tammy at the Giggle Factory for suggesting the mustaches -- we used one set on our 4,000 km journey to Madison and back this summer.  The kids giggled away when putting them on.


This cape is from another blog called Serving Pink Lemonade with downloadable template for neck portion.

Fabric - the silver outside of the cape is from my personal Fabricland stash.  It was suppose to grow up to be a blouse, but this is way more fun.  The cotton blue swirl fabric is courtesy of my mum's gifted quilting stash...thanks mum.

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