Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweater Knit Tank | Sil 500

And I got to use up some really well aged stash (back to my teens).  It was a really lightweight, soft, stretchy sweater knit in a cotton or rayon mix perhaps. 

It was knit in the round, forming a tube and the tube is just right for my current size.  So I just overlaid the pattern to get the neck and armhole shapes.

I had to raise the armholes and I knew the weight and drape of this fabric would pull everything down...and it worked.  I added length as I knew I wanted a belt worn with it and I wanted a soft, relaxed look.  It's going to be great for summer.



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  2. I meant to say - you look fantastic! The colour is lovely on you. And your workouts must be working well - your belt is big on you, Miss Runner! congrats!