Friday, February 22, 2013

Basement Closet Curtains

I hate seeing clutter and bi-fold doors pinch kids I (finally) took the doors off the basement closet where all their toys are stored.   Now the kids can easily put their toys away (yeah right?!?).


I practiced a new technique of hidden tab top curtains (copied a RTW Pier One panel), where the loops are sewn on the wrong side.  It gives a nice 'clean' finish on the outside.

I was also glad as I got to deplete my roll, yes roll, of cream drape fabric from Designer Fabrics in Toronto.  I travelled monthly to Toronto for work from Saskatoon (ironic as we just moved back from Toronto).  I got a great idea to buy a roll of fabric and check as luggage on one of my trip. I know, what was I thinking! But it didn't cost me a dime, and it was before all the luggage restrictions.

Designer Fabrics in Toronto is great -- it's always on shows on HGTV like Sarah's house. Anytime they need fabric, they go there. Kind of like the Canadian version of Mood on Project Runway...but smaller.

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