Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birthday Gift | Megan

Another birthday party, another chance to have some sewing fun! The theme was a princess party - seems to be reoccurring in Grade 1...

So we did a skirt, bag, tissue holder and a Princess book (another Barefoot Books gem).

Used my sewing machine ruffler to do the hem and added some fun rick-rack to pull it all together and make it as 'girlie' as possible.  It's for a princess after all.

I personalized the bag, skirt and tissue holder.


I even had enough fabric to line the bag with the same fabric as the skirt hem. 

The patterns are all my own creation (simple yet fun) and the fabric is from my mum's donated quilting stash.  Got to use up two whole pieces.  I'm trying to make a dent in my stash and every birthday party helps!!


  1. you're up and at it! could I place an order for a half-dozen tissue bags? I think these are great gift ideas - 3 designs for kids, and 3 for adults?

  2. Zoya and I were looking at your site this morning to see pictures of Imogen and Alastair - and found this lovely skirt. Zoya loves the skirts you made and will wear them again in the spring (over leggings) and in the summer too! They are not great to wear with snow pants. And Zoya wants me to type this "I want more skirts because I like them so much." But momma says - we will use the ones we have as they are so pretty and they still fit - but zoya says no! yay! (she typed this)