Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quilt | Imogen

So how can my son have a lovely quilt and not my daughter?  So shortly after finishing Alistair's quilt, I started on Imogen's quilt.  All the fabrics were from Prairie Chicks, using the same quilt pattern design.

Finished September 2010 when Imogen was 4 years old.

It looks a bit longer on my daughter's bed as her bed is actually shorter than average.  It was a former hospital bed that I received from my grandmother when she passed.  It was the bed I slept in when visiting her as a child.

Here is what it looks like without all the pillows.

And the pillows are all leftovers, with the exception of the non-ruffled ones.  I bought a yard of fabric from a vendor at a quilt show.  Don't recall the name of the shop, but they were from Regina.


Here you can see the quilt block a bit better...and all the free-motion quilting.  Again, it took a quite a while to complete.  Now it's so soft from use and washing.

I was trying to be 'crafty' and used up the left over cuttings from the quilt top.  A bit more miss-matched than Alistair's quilt.  But I like the quirkiness of it.

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