Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grey Pants | O+S Sandbox

These are another fan favourite of my son's.  He likes dressing them up in his new-to-him tie! 

He also wanted to show off his new-to-him toy which is 'really strong', thus the face!  My friend came over with a bag of hand-me downs including toys.  Her son is 6 years older.  Talking of years...the fabric is from Fanny's Fabrics back in the mid 90's. Glad I finally made them, even if 20 years later...

Lots of top stitching on these pants - they get worked hard - with front and back pockets for the 'bad man' (action man) to be put into.

Found the waistband a bit too wide and have made notes for future sewing.  My kids like wearing their pants low...and we're not even close to teenage years yet!


The pants were pre-cut for the Shekinah Retreat, but weren't finished there.  However, they were finished in time for Christmas.  Have you ever seen a boy so excited to get clothes!?!

The pattern is my go-to-pants pattern for my boy, Oliver + S Sandbox pants, a downloadable pattern. 

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