Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby Gift | Levi

Another holiday break project just wanting to be posted (better late than never).

This was made for my friend's her first grandchild.  I loved this sweet print - with cute little elephants on it. The shop only had enough for this project, so I bought it all.

The fabric is 45" wide heavy weight, good quality flannelet from Periwinkle Quilting here in Saskatoon. I prewashed it and it's lovely and soft.

Here is the 45" square blanket.  Too cute.
I had to include this adorable book - from Barefoot Books of course!
I was able to do three burp cloths.  Double layered flannelet, serged around.  I used these everyday with my babies.  They were smaller and handier than other receiving blankets.
I even rolled up the burp cloths and tied them with the cut-off selvages.
And here it is, all bundled up...for baby Levi.



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