Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Gift - Lexi

Lexi is Alistair's best bud from Open Door Daycare.  I used to work with her mum at CTV. As we won't be here for her birthday party, we gave her the gift this past weekend when she came over for a play date that included the spray-park.

Imogen picked out the fabric (yes from my mums gifted stash) of a few fat quarters mixed with a small cut of fabric.   It's usually a good pick for a little girl if it's either pink and/or purple.  In this case Lexi loves both.

I used up some hem tape - it was purple - for the drawstring on the bag.  I'm trying to use up everything!  I refuse to 'save' aluminum foil but I do reuse ziplock bags.  So I'm trying to cleverly repurpose all sewing lefto overs.  Was really happy with this one - yummy.


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