Monday, June 11, 2012

Tie one on | Silhouette 300

Thanks (again) to my mum for cleaning out her sewing room...and fabric.  I really liked the tulips (I guess she did too) but was stumped as to what to make.  A dress would be too loud.  Mmm...what I wasn't sure but I knew I had to do something...something fun. 

So I was flipping through my pattern book (a binder with the pattern envelopes only in page protectors), when I spotted this top.  The pattern photo is a bit dated...but the design screamed yes.  Yes to tulips, yes to summer, yes to fun, yes to sassy and yes to a little tie.  Oh and I already had the yellow belt.  That's why it had to be sleeveless.  Fun.
I do like these patterns, being blessed with a full bust, it's much easier to make as they are sized for B, C and D cup sizes.  I I don't make the alteration for my full bust (I don't really want to accentuate it) so I make the correct circumference, and do a bit of alteration. 

Fabric: A floaty rayon from 15 years ago (guessing as mum said she bought it at the last sewing show that rolled through Saskatoon) from Estees in Edmonton.

Pattern: Silhouette 300

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  1. First of all, you look so well! Fantastic! and happy!

    secondly - that top is so cute! I love following your blog - thanks!