Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday Gift - Keenan

Our friend Keenan was turning 5 this month.  So I did my 'bedtime in a bag' gift.  Instead of making the bag match the jammies, I made the bag matching his bedroom.  His closet curtains are the stripped version of this fabric.  Thought it would be fun.

Of course, it's all personalized for him.  I gave a book about sharing -- as all three kids argue over Keenan's picturesque tree swing in his front yard.  They each want to go at the same time.  Ironically the book has a picture of the characters on a it was meant to be.  Guess the taking turns is more aimed at my kids, than Keenan, but oh well.

Even a small happy face shows the back on the jammie top.

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  1. Sew glad you are using up all sorts of cool recycled fabrics - I have some flannel sheets and fleece remnants saved up for you here... Maybe you can use the flannel sheets for the next round of pajama-making?