Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthday Gift - Gabriella

Imogen was invited to another birthday party (hurrah) at a local gymnastics place.  I am always pushing against the norm of a $20 gift - aka plastic toy made in China.  So I've been on a kick for a bit...and yes there will be make a gift bag and fill it with one hand-made item (personalized of course with custom labels) and a book. 
Most of my books come from a dear friend, Jennifer, who sells an amazing brand of books called Barefoot Books.  I like buying from here as (1) the books are amazing (2) I love to help a friend out and (3) the bonus - they are cheaper than a local shoppe.
So we combined leftover star fabric from one of Imogen's skirts...that was a leftover from a quilt I made her niece in England--with a piece of fabric given to me by my mum.  Together the stars shone!  For fun, I added pockets as the birthday girl is a fun, gregarious little girl who needs pockets.

The bag is a fat quarter courtesy of my mum's stash (thanks) and lined with a remnant of really nice muslin, almost like a polished cotton.
All combined = a happy Imogen and birthday girl. 
I call it sew-cycling (kind of like recycling mixed in with cycling).

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  1. I love your birthday gifts. I too rail against the craziness of kid's birthday party presents. So - for this weekend's birthday party, Zoya and I came up with the following gift bag from our stash in the basement: new crayons, new pencils (for Kindergarten in the fall), and a bag of jumbo marshmallows. The birthday girl loved it! And the parents like the consumables too.