Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A friendly skirt | S2258

In order to make the grad girl's gift, I had to fit it without her knowing...so that's where her mum came in.  Thankfully they are the same size.

Actually, I was going through some of the fabrics my mum gave me thinking what they could 'grow up to be'.  When I saw this print, I immediately thought of the last issue of People Style magazine where they featured floral print on black in short shorts and skirts.  Yes that's what this fabric will grow up to be! 

I then remembered Sherrie having a blue top that would look smashing with this print.  That's my weird and wonderful mind working for me.

While it is the same skirt as Monique's, it looks very different in this print.  You can barely see the tie...but it's there.  I made it separate, rather than attached so it can be worn several ways as the pocket style mean you are probably going to be tucking in your top.

Of course, it's personalized! I just love doing this. It's so much fun and I love the end result of it looking polished with an arts & crafts funky style to the label.

Here's a photo of the pattern - you can see the detail of the skirt better here with it's scooped out pockets and the tie.

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