Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday Gift - Cousin Philippa

Getting a birthday gift that was small and light to post is always a challenge.  Figuring out what would be cool for cousin Philippa was also another challenge until my friend Jill shared with me how her kids were reading a series of books. One from a boy's view and one from a girl's about life in Canada throughout history. It's written like a diary. Perfect I thought.

What a perfect gift for an avid 13 year old reader! And as a bonus we can share some Canadian history with our English relatives. We selected the book about the prairies - A Prairie as Wide as the Sea.  The series is done by Scholastic Books and we found it at our local book shoppe.  The book even has an 'old' feeling too it with textured pages a smaller size, similar to a paperback, even though it's a hardcover (but not too heavy). 

I made a personalized gift bag using up a fat quarter my mum gave me.

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