Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthdays Abroad - The Littles

So it's always fun trying to find Canadian items to send overseas to my girlfriend's family in Bath, England.  I met Michelle in London where we were flatmates - been friends since.

Throughout the year I see things and stash them till it's birthday time.  I did that with Michelle's gift, but the others were creations of love.  In this case I sent over three gifts.

First was for the birthday boy, Thomas, turning 4 - bedtime in a bag.  I thought this would be perfect for those damp cold evenings that do happen in the UK.  My kids selected the fabric from my stash.  Alistair was particularly excited about it...but I warned him they weren't for him.  Surprisingly he was okay with that.  Guess he's growing up! 

This included the great Pirate book that includes a CD with a song.  Alistair loves this book and we read it weekly.  It's a Barefoot Book I purchased from my friend Jennifer.  Highly recommend for the under 6 crowd.

I also sent Michelle her birthday gift.  This is a photo of the bag prior to me adding the label.  Used a really cool fat-quarter that had light swirls on it.  Sadly they didn't come out in the photo.  Inside is some jewelry from another friend who makes stunning pieces.  Sadly I mailed the package before I realized I didn't take a photo of the jewelry!

Of course, if I'm sending two gifts over, I couldn't neglect Charlie.  So I did up a 'storm' bag for him and included a book.  His birthday is near Christmas, so I think it must be fun to get something when you least expect it.  

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