Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthday Gift - Clark

So on the same birthday theme (a non-made-in-China plastic $20 toy), I did personalized shorts for Imogen's friend Clark.  The party was held in a school gym - fantastic idea!  And the entire Kindergarten class was there.  What fun.

Fabric is just perfect - robot eating sharks - dating back to my mum's stash for my brothers (now adults...or at least in age!).

The book is a Barefoot book purchased from my friend Jennifer.  I love that it come with a CD too - just making it that much more enjoyable!

And I really enjoyed making the 'stormy' gift bag using up fabric my mum gave me.  It just screamed - boy!

Pattern - KS3042, a well-loved pattern with my all time favorite pocket from an out-of print Simplicity pattern - where you stitch folds to give it depth like a real cargo pocket - and it's big enough to carry several Hot wheels cars (I have seen this personally).


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