Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pajama Time for Easter (girls) S4766

Out comes my girls go to PJ pattern for daughter and cousin. Again using up 3 pieces of fabric courtesy of my quilting mum who "donated" the fabric to my cause (obsession more like it).

I didn't have enough fabric to make matching sets. But I thought since it was coordinating fabric, I could get away with it. Especially as the border trim fabric is a bit umm...old fashioned. They needed the more fun prints to liven them up. Imogen loves it. She helped pass me the elastic for the arms.

Imogen and I are now packing up Zoyas PJs to mail to the US. Hopefully it will get there soon...with lots a live!
Oh and I used the custom labels like I did on the boys PJs. Check out that link for the blog I got the idea from.

One I didn't even have to hem the top as the border along the selvage could be left. Sadly the other boarder had printing on the selvage so it had to be hemmed.

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  1. thank you - and I'm so glad you didn't listen to me.

    "matching"!?@?@? you mean we are supposed to have jammies that match? hmmm...