Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Closet Curtains

Ooh this is such a great project on so many fronts.  First I get to use up some well-aged fabric (bonus), make a kids room more fun looking, and make a closet more functional!  Ching, ching, ching in the happy machine...

Here at home, we took off our kid's closet doors -- the bi-fold type that pinch fingers and eat little hands -- and put up a curtain rod and some curtains.  The result is both dramatic and uber practical as the kids can access all areas of the closet, formerly blocked by doors.  And they can now hide and play theatre too using the curtains.

In this case, I was helping a friend that had a sliding door--one door that blocked 1/2 the closet at any given time.  Very impractical with kids!  We used a tension rod with ring-clips as we didn't want to block the cupboard above.  An additional piece of trim will be added to hide 'the gap' between the top of the curtain/rod, which you can just get a hint of here.  The tensor rod is as high up inside as possible.

** Disclaimer: warning you will see some summer shorts / skirt / trousers posted in the mustard colour linen-like fabric at a later date.  There is just enough to do this for myself.  I fell back in love with the fabric during this project.  Especially as I found a few recent fabric purchases for tops that match perfectly.  Now back to the closet curtains...

Here is adding the bottom border...(this is considered an action photo in sewing terms!)
Curtain with bottom border attached...
Then I used the mustard fabric to both act as backing and as a side border.  Super chic, super quick, super duper!
And finally - installed using ring-clips!

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