Friday, April 20, 2012

HP1089 Classix Nouveau 3 Graces T-Shirt

I love these patterns by a former Londoner who now lives in the US. I find the styling is right up my alley...but sometimes the patterns can fit a bit large for my taste. 

Like all patterns, I measure the pattern before making a muslin.  Usually I go down, but not always.  I take into account the fabric too.  In this case a very stretchy (but clingy) rayon knit was used and I went by the back measurement (across the back at mid-armhole) where I wanted to be 'fit'.  I didn't want dropped shoulders.

Love, love, love the way the cowl facing gets folded into the back self-facing.  Very slick.  Fast, fun pattern to make.

Un-tucked with a nice deep hem--which you need in such a light-weight fabric to allow the top to drape properly and not curl up.
I mostly wear it tucked in, or with a belt over-top.

Now please keep in mind, I've dropped over 10 lbs since I've made this (happy dance here) so it may look a bit big.  The only thing I don't like (and that's just part of the style, not the pattern drafting) is when you bend over...hello girls to the world!

And here is the blur of a son...Alistair.
I made the "blonde's white top" with the shorter sleeves---which are a bit longer than the drawing, but I like them.

And the fabric is from one of my favourite go-to-shops, Unique Textiles here in Saskatoon.  No online shop.  Just old-fashioned bricks and mortar.  Not a huge store, but just enough great things to make you drool.  A girl can only sew so much after all.  She does a great job of bringing in unique high-quality fabrics.  It really is a nice boutique.

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