Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Napkins and more napkins

Well my mum has been making lots of healthy changes in her life. And one thing I volunteered to help with was cleaning out and organizing her sewing room which is a double bedroom. She would take a stack of fabric and throw over her shoulder to the floor what she no longer liked or thought she would use. This turned into 5 rubber made totes. I then (read HAD) to go through these bins of fabric before donating them to Cloth for Kids (an organization of volunteer sewers who make things from donated fabric for less fortunate kids in Saskatoon and their schools)

Out of these 5 bins of fabric I took out items for gifts and kids items. So first off were making some napkins.

Here's a photo of them done in my sewing room window...I made a few!  All have a different front and back.  All have now been given away to friends and family.

The polka dot fabric above on the far left and right was purchased at Prairie Chicks to finish off these napkins off.  I'm super happy how these turned out.
These are backed in red--for Christmas...and went to my sister-in-law.
These are backed in navey blue with little gold stars.  My other sister-in-law received these to use at Christmas.
These are the only napkins with the same fabric on front and back.  They were given to my girlfriend who owns no napkins--she can't say that anymore.
These veggie napkins are going to a friend with 4 kids.  I hope it reminds them all to eat their veggies!
And these fun ones went to another friend with a 4-year old boy.  Rockets away!


  1. What a great use and a great gift idea! We are obsessed with cloth napkins here too...well maybe not WE, just me... I couldn't choose my favourites of the ones you did - love the dots, love the veggies, love the rockets...

  2. Oh goodie! Now I know who else could use some napkins!

    1. well, only if you want to recycle the old ones!!
      speaking of recycling.... you know I have a "linens problem", and wanted to see if you could help. I have a marvelous friend who is exactly my dress size and shoe size and who works in an office setting...and who also volunteers with the YWCA which has the "dress for success" program.. So - I'm very happy to clean my closet with those two things in mind. AND thus... my attic is free of clothes, just the ones in my closet (yay!).

      Wait a minute - there are 4 tubs of "linens" in the attic - in addition to the heavingly full linen closet downstairs! Would you be interested in looking through the mounds of double/full bed linens, and then all of the other tableclothy stuff I have when you visit? I have visions of you repurposing the stuff like you did with the napkins a la


      shall I wait for your visit before donating?