Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oliver + S - Free Skirt and Top

Well in the 5 bins of fabric, coutesty of my quilting mum who cleaned out her stash,  I found this cute floral perfect for a skirt...but a bit plain on its own.  So I dug some more and found 2 fat quarters in purple.  Perfect!

I used the free downloadable patterns from Oliver + S.  The skirt wasn't made from the full 45" wide--as something had already been cut out.  So I'm guessing about 35" was used.  I don't think I'd want it any fuller.  On both fabrics, I used everything--there wasn't an 1" square of fabric left.  The top straps are pieced together using angled seams (so as not to create bulk or jump out when you look at them).  I even got to use up some stash lace in the top.  Bonus!

Imogen was playing 'horsey' with Alistair where one gets a rope tied around them, while the other hold the handles of the skipping rope like reins.  Then they run around the house in circles yelling 'niegh' and 'yee-haw'. 

The skirt was too long to I did 3 decorative tucks to shorten it up. I actually prefer the skirt with the tucks.  I find the simplest designs are always made special by little interests like tucks, lace etc.  They make it special.

Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt
Dress (that I shortened to a top)
Oliver + S Popover Sundress and Doll Dress

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  1. wow - that skirt looks great! the tucks and the contrasting edge is fantastic!