Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pajama Time for Easter (boys) - KS3042

Well not Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton (which I do know by heart), but rather making lots of summer jammies!

We have a family tradition (that our immediate family started, nothing dating back 100's of years here) where we give the kids new pajamas on Easter.  This year I took that a bit further thanks to all the fabric my mother, the quilter, gave me. 

I also got to use an awesome, yes awesome, idea from a fellow sewer blog on making custom labels (Probably Actually blog post :  I picked up the stamp pad and stamps at Michaels here in Canada (at 40% off I may add).  And I love the results!  I set the ink with the iron.  I was still a bit concerned as mine is red ink...which after sewing into the garments, I thought...what if it runs when it's washed (you know the red sock in with the whites)!  So as soon as the garments were finished, I washed them...and no running of the ink--phew.  They were so fun to make and the boys loved them!

So here are Alistair's PJs
These ones were the trial pair as there was only enough fabric for bottoms...which he has decided are daywear not PJs.  All boys wear the same size, so it was a breeze cutting them all out and sewing like a factory!

Cousin Grayson's PJs

And friend Keenan's PJs -- these were the most challenging as I really wanted to get a pair of full-length trousers...but I didn't have enough fabric.  That was until I remembered how I sew quilt I pieced together the waistband casing using this technique.  It worked like a charm as as the pieces are angled together, there isn't the bulk!

All using KS3042

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