Saturday, August 30, 2014

P2 - Breast Cancer Journey

Well it's been a bit of time.  I didn't post anything more as I'm quite tired of the whole cancer experience!  Heck who wouldn't.

So I've decided to let it be, so I can move on with my life and the things that I love to do and fill me up with joy - family, sewing, reading, activities. 

To wrap up where I left off last time, I ended up getting another two surgeries.  First was the swap of the 'spacer' for the permanent implant.  Very round and high is all I can say -- like I'm 18 again!

Then I had one more MRI to ensure all the cancer was gone, before having the left side reduced to match my new right breast.  It was almost a year of having one side double the size of the other.  I dressed carefully - thank goodness scarves are so popular.

I'm feeling great and enjoying being a D-cup (it's been a few years) and shopping off the rack.  It's also much easier to sew without so many alterations.  Back to running...and back to blogging.  Let's get this blog back on it's feet documenting my love of sewing!!!

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