Saturday, August 30, 2014

I: Pinky Oliver + S top & skirt (2013)

My daughter loves pink and skirts.  So it was no problem to whip up these super-fast and east pieces to make a great outfit.

Top is made from leftover cotton-poly knit from my stash.  Really soft and perfect for Imogen -- the color too.  The skirt is a twill from my stash from Fabricland.  It was a flawed piece with blotches on it, but this skirt is just the right size to fit it around.  Trim was added as it didn't look done - found it at Periwinkle Quilting in Saskatoon.


Top: Oliver + S hopscotch skirt, knit top, + dress
Skirt:  Oliver + S Sunday brunch jacket + a-line skirt

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