Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ray Stitch, London UK | Amazing Shop (2013)

Only a short walk from Angel Tube Station, and it's the kind of shop I dreamed of owning.  It sells fabric, patterns and is a coffee shop-cafe.

Once inside, my heart sang...

Amazing samples made up showcasing how 'quiet' fabric can be phenomenal. 

On the other side is floor to ceiling fabric!  Fabric from Japan to the US.

Did you catch the trim area in the back -- oh I picked up a few!

Here is me after my purchase - ordered a coffee.


Ended up buying lots of trims, remnants and a few special pieces -- it was overwhelming as there was a basement too.  It housed Liberty prints -- not just cotton but silks too.  Oh wow.  I will be back! My two bags full...

Oh and I so miss Angel station -- it has one of the longest escalators.  Two runs in fact.

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