Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday Gift | Lauren

Another birthday means another opportunity to be creative and use up some more fabric in my stash - yippee! 
So Imogen's friend Lauren likes blue - that's what her mum said - and I was excited as I knew just the right fabric.  I was also excited as it meant I could use some of the trim I got this year at Fabricland.  They had these rolls of gross-grain ribbon on buy one get two free, or something like that, in just the colours I would use.
So I used my ruffler attachment on my sewing machine to add a ruffle at the bottom. Too cute! Then used the gross-grain ribbon to cover the seam and add that special touch.
Of course I personalized the gift. I've started turning under the ends of the tags, as I've noticed they fray quite a bit after several washings.
We always add a book. This is one from the Barefoot Books company my friend sells. Oh they are such wonderful books. I can't resist.
So the fabric is about 5 years old, purchased from Fabricland to use as a fabric sling for Imogen as a baby...but it didn't really work out.  Found another fabric, with a bit of stretch, that was better suited.  So this one went into my stash.
I was told that Lauren loved the skirt so much, she wore it to bed!  That's the best feedback a sewer can receive...

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