Monday, November 19, 2012

Sewing Weekend | Shekinah Lodge

This past weekend I did something new - a sewing retreat at a secluded lodge called Shekinah.  It's put on by the local quilt store, Periwinkle.  I met a woman in my knitting class who said she's gone the last three years and really enjoyed it.  So I put my name down not expecting to get a call, but I did!

Here is my table at the retreat at the start.  I spent the week before cutting out as much as I could. Around 40 items.  I tried cutting out subsequent sizes to use up the piece of fabric. It's a guarantee the kids will grow! 


You can see a bit in the background how large the room is with its huge vaulted ceiling.  There were about 45 women sewing in the one room -- and we ate at the one end too.  Stunning relaxing.

Each of us got a table to sew at.  I ended up with 5 wonderful women surrounding me.  The tables are just empty in the photo as I was the first to set up.
  • Michelle from North Battleford with a 3 year old daughter
  • Kari from Saskatoon with a 5 month old baby
  • Shirley the nurse with two teenagers
  • Sherry the nurse with two grown kids
  • Michelle with a 4 year old son and 3 grown kids

So after sewing Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning; I ended up with 25 garments!  - Posts to follow on the items.

So here is a recap of what was sewn:
  • PJ pants - XS adult (cousin gift)
  • PJ top & pant - size 13 (cousin gift)
  • PJ top & pant - size 7 (cousin gift)
  • PJ top & pant - size 6 (cousin gift)
  • Grey pants - size 4 & 5 (Alistair)
  • Navey pants - size 4, 5 & 6 (Alistair)
  • Blue corduroy pants with car print - size 4 & 5 (Alistair)
  • PJ top, 2 PJ bottoms & shorts in a Jungle print - size 4 (Alistair)
  • Navey corduroy pants with purple print - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Purple pants - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Dusty pink jean pants - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Dusty pink skirt- size 6 (Imogen)
  • Pink bird top - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Flower pink top - size 6 (Imogen)
  • Contrast blue and grey-flower top - size 6 (Imogen)


 And yes I signed up to go again!  All I did was sew, meet people, laugh and have fun.  The food was cooked for us, dishes were done for us, no kids, no cleaning and no cell service!

Here are some photos from another woman at the weekend sewing event.

You can see we sewed into the wee hours of the night -- and take a look at the vaulted ceilings!




  1. that sounds right up your alley! wow - you were super productive, or maybe that's the point of the weekend? you look v happy.

  2. Wow, and thak you so much for the pj's they are awesome!!!
    Philippa xxx