Monday, November 19, 2012

Green Dressing Gown | NL6929

I've been meaning to make a new silky dressing gown for some time now, but like many things in life, I just never got around to it.
Well I finally did it.  I was making one for a birthday gift, and re-fell in love with the beauty of this pattern. 
It's not a boxy shapeless robe, but rather one with fitted shoulder, two-piece sleeve that flares at the end.  Stunning but simple.
I selected a polyester jacquard from my stash originally from Fabricland.  Guessing it's around 15 years old, so it's about time to use it up.
I also used one of my pre-done labels, Adare, which is my middle name.  Thanks mum for being an avid reader and finding such a unique, cool name.  Perfect for putting into my clothes!!
And here is the now out-of-print pattern.  You can see I shortened the robe to knee length as I didn't want one to the floor.  That's just not practical in my life.  Perhaps when kids are all grown and out of the house!


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