Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday Gift | Olivia Dressing Gown NL6929

This was a fun project on so many levels.  First, I wanted to do something a bit special for this friend, as she has literally allowed me to function like a human again with my body.  That's a gift that I appreciate every day.
Secondly, I was also eager to use this pattern.  Thirdly, I love this fabric.  Originally it was going to be a dress but I think this pattern showcases it's unique features.  It's quite a stunning polyester jacquard with a print on top and variegated colouring vertically.
I cut the pattern carefully to 'line up' the variegation in the fabric so the light is on the sides.  Also matched the two-piece sleeve so the colours would be darker when looking at the front, and light at the side/back.
I put in my own name into the robe as this isn't a casual fun kids project.  Thought this was more appropriate.  Oh and added the hanging hook loop too.  Cause that's just how a robe gets hung up!
And here is the pattern used.  I shortened both the overall length, making it knee-length, and the sleeve length to suite the new owner of the robe.

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