Thursday, November 14, 2013

Noodlehead Super Tote | Mum

So now that I had a great knitting bag, thought my mum should too.  Just to remind you, I had seen a post on Probably Actually of this great bag and thought - perfect knitting bag - called the Super Tote by Noodlehead.

Since she gave me so many of her fabrics last year, it's long overdue that I make here something!  So she went through her fabrics to find something appropriate.  She had some Monet printed fabric.  Couple fat quarters and some yardage.  Perfect.

This is the front of the bag with the pocket.  Tried to use the fabric carefully and the yellow definitely went with the flowers and grass.

Then for the back, there is a seam versus a pocket, so I used the variegated print.  You never quite know how things will look in the end, but I think this worked quite well.

Then I used some of the yardage print for the zipper gusset and inside.

Mum I hope you're loving your knitting bag as much as I love mine!

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