Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthday Gift | Monique (+ Mum)

My best friend's daughter, M, turned 19 this March and I wanted to do something a bit fun.  Yes, I know I'm a bit late doing this post, more on that later.
I sewed up this zip bag (got the idea from one of my favourite blogs, Noodlehead.  She has a great tutorial on how to make different sizes.  I made a matching tissue holder.  Thought this would be a good 'set' for travelling considering M was going to France this summer.
Oh and I put in my favourite Gin into the bag for a giggle.  I was asked if it was from London and I said yes, but I purchased it at the LBS (liquor board store for those not in SK)!

I love the photo of my daughter and Monique - they are so sweet together. 
Of course they are personalized...I wouldn't want her mum pinching her bag and tissue holder!


Which brings me to the gift I gave to her mum a few days later.  Guess it's just the right size for make-up brushes!  I lined this one with remnants of her napkin gift given last year. 

The fabric are spare pieces from the quilt I made from my bed, from Prairie Chicks in Hague (soon to be Warman, which my pocketbook is dreading as it's much closer to my house.)

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