Friday, September 7, 2012

NL6796 | Summer tops and dress

Wow what an incredible summer we have enjoyed.  We drove and visited family in the US and flew to family in the UK.  As a result, my blog has been dormant...having too much fun with the kids!  I think this is the longest I have ever gone without sewing (well no, when I backpacked...which I got to use my beloved backpack this summer taking the kids on trains and the tube from London to Bath).

I made this pattern up, gosh, last year checking photos - it was 1.5 years ago!  Here are the photos I took of her and her brother when it was first made.  I also made the trouser from the pattern...but they were just odd - too baggy and too long in the crotch length, so they didn't get worn.


Oh and I made a dress too.  But have no recent photo of that.

Sadly Imogen didn't really like the top...but I had a trick up my sleeve.  If you go somewhere and pack only a certain amount of clothes, darn it, they have to wear it!  She now loves the darker top -- and wore it to school today.

So we went camping with friends and a local 'special' lake where you float due to the natural salt water (did I mention SK is land-locked and nowhere near the sea?).  Thus Manitou Springs is very special.  She now wears this top with trousers - super cute!


FABRIC - solid pink is cotton shirt weight with a bit of stretch and the printed dress and accents on the top are a poly-cotton seersucker all found at Fabricland when she was a baby.

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