Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gift - Michelle in Bath

I love to visit my friend Michelle in Bath.  It's a gorgeous city in England and she is a wonderful person.  I used to live with her in London where we both rented rooms in a large house in Pimlico owned by this very loud, shouting back at one another three-storeys up Greek couple - Marco and Lena.  Wow was that an interesting house to live in!  The wife would shout up from the basement where their kitchen was, up past the main floor, past the first floor (where my room and Marco's study was).  Michelle lived on the second floor.  Then our kitchen was on the second-third-floor landing.  Yes it was small!  Bar sink was all it had.  But wow could we do dinner parties there...or should I clarify, Michelle could do dinner parties.  I did dishes!

We've been friends since (15+ years).  We both have kids now, and they get on quite well.  So visiting is delightful.

Did I mention she is a fantastic cook?  Oh my.  When we go visit I cannot wait to see what creations she makes with her Aga (a old-style radiant heat stove found in the UK especially).  That's why I love giving her Canadian cook books.  I give the kids Canadian books, so why not her too?!?

I had given her the Best of the Best by The Best of Bridge...so I was delighted to give her the next book in the series.  I have had great success with many of the recipes (and that says a lot).  My favourite being the Orzo Salad...mmm.

So when Granny's skirt had some left over fabric, I was thrilled!  It meant I could make a bag for my dear friend in England.  While I had made her another, it just wasn't sitting well with me.  This fabric felt much more like her!

In fact, these photos are taken on Michelle's kitchen floor.  I didn't have time to take photos before I left Canada this summer when I visited her.


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