Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday Gift - Josh | New Cape Pattern

Ooh how I love birthday parties -- I get to use up stash for the gifts!  When in England our cousins asked about capes...which gave me an Ah-Ha moment.  Kids love capes. 

Upon my return I spent some time searching for a cape pattern. The pattern I have is a full circle and takes quite a bit of fabric, and can be quite short if using 115 cm wide fabric.


This one is from another blog called Serving Pink Lemonade with downloadable template for neck portion.


As we know Josh quite well, I am confident I will get honest feedback from a 7-year-old in what needs to change (hopefully nothing!).

We purchased Tiddler, one of my kids all time favourite books, when in England as it is everywhere.  It's a bit trickier to find here as Julia Donaldson isn't as mainstream as there.

What to put Tiddler into -- well a fish bag of course!  I love this fabric and I have some more for Alistair (he cried when he saw it and thought I had none left).


Cape - Outside fabric is poly-crepe-back-satin in a blue silver colour.  Guessing it's from Fabricland and I have no idea what I would have purchased for??  The inside of the cape is quilting cotton guessed it, my mum's stash she gave me.  It goes perfectly.  Very blue, swishy (think Merlin) and blue.

Bag - cotton from Fabricland when men wore printed pants with cartoon characters (aka well aged stash).  My mum purchased for my brothers who are no in their 30's, they were under 10 when she purchased it.  Some things never go out of fashion!



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