Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Lifestyle

Well new year, new lifestyle. I've packed in my marketing job in commercial real estate to be at home with my two kids and help out Friday's in our family business. I needed more balance as way too much wasn't getting done while being a working mum supporting a family business -- suppers just to name one major staple in life.

So I finished just before Christmas and used my daycare in December to enable me to finish a whack of Christmas gifts. I made fuzzy PJ bottoms for a friend (who is always cold) and she has worn the darn things out so I said I would make her another 3 pairs. From the excess fabric, I also got 2 pants and a top for my daughter -- bonus! However, this is the messiest fabric I've EVER worked with as there is fuzz all over the room and me. Once all the major seams were sewn, I threw the lot in the dryer to de-fuzz and it worked.

Here are some photos of my sewing room -- with these projects waiting to be hemmed -- and a stack of new projects sitting by my comfy chair.

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